About Us

Product Information

Ettalew’s is a patient-centered company specializing in the highest quality medicated and Unmedicated edibles (regular and gluten-free lines)! We are compassionate, caring, educated professionals dedicated to meeting the needs of those who qualify under RCW69.51.a. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, as would be required by the USDA, including labeling all of our products with ingredients and nutrition facts, using the highest grade ingredients, organic when possible, using a commercial kitchen, received Washington State Department of Agriculture Processor’s Permit, and maintaining valid food handler’s permits.
Ettalew’s was created to ease pain and make life more bearable for people who are suffering from illnesses such as cancer, AIDS, Lupus, Hepatitis, or chronic pain. In doing so, our treats are STRONG. Warning labels are on our treats, be mindful as you determine the dosage that works best for you. The recipes come straight from Grandma Ethel’s recipe book, which was passed down after her death, at the age of 97, from cancer. The name Ettalew is an homage to Grandma Ethel and Papa Lou; hence, by combining their names we get Ettalew!
Two medals from High Times Cannabis Cup and numerous awards Ettalew’s won show the quality of our products. Always consistent and using the highest quality ingredients Ettalew’s is striving to set the high standard as a premise in medible industry.